Jon Barredo

CEO, ELUR, Search and Rescue

Jon Barredo, who studied Business Management and Administration in the University of the Basque Country and to Masters in Entrepreneurship has always felt a very strong passion for both mountaineering and ski. In 2014 he set up together with some friends a non-profit organisation to organise ski trips and mountain races They just wanted to collect money to ski as often as they want it to and they succeeded in it.

Working in the association, they met people belonging to the entrepreneurial ecosystem and observed that there was a big room to innóvate in this field. The Nepal earthquake in 2015 was the catalyst that led them to research on rescue and salvage technologies. A little bit later they met Alex Txikon, the famous Basque climber, who joined the team and with whom they have tested the different prototypes. Jon has tested his Elur device in places such as the base-camp of the Chogori (K2) of the Summit of the San Francisco volcano (6.018m) exceeding the scope of the present rescuing devices by far.